Oswegoland Park Foundation

Brew at the Bridge is done in cooperation with the Oswegoland Park Foundation.

Since the establishment of the Oswegoland Park District in 1950, much of the beauty enjoyed by our citizens was made possible by people who wanted to ensure that future generations would continue to cherish our valuable natural resources. Through Brew at the Bridge, the Foundation looks to increase our exposure to those who admire and appreciate the parks. Through tax-deductible donations, bequeathing assets, purchasing a brick paver, or becoming a Friend of the Parks, this admiration and appreciation becomes a gift for the future. To support the Foundation, please look for more information on our site, www.oswegolandparkdistrict.org/get-involved/foundation/ or donate at the Brew at the Bridge event.

The Oswegoland Park Foundation supports the mission of the Oswegoland Park District to effectively and responsively:

… plan, acquire, develop, maintain and preserve parks, facilities, natural and historic areas.

… provide diverse, accessible, high quality services and programs.

… provide our community with opportunities to play, gather, celebrate, learn, and enjoy nature.

… provide the leadership, staff, and volunteers with the resources and environment to create a park district that reflects the spirit of our community.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors… we borrow it from our children." - Native American proverb